Monday, August 27, 2012

Timmins Post

They came. They saw. They left. Ha.

We were lucky to have The Timmins Clan (Sean, Brittney, and brewing baby) come and visit in April. We were able to travel around with them a little bit, we went to the Great Ocean Road and the Grampians. Since we have uploaded a ton of pictures from the Great Ocean Road before we have kept it to a minimum. The first beach pictures we have attached are the Great Ocean Road. The mountain and aboriginal art are at the Grampians. 
We did go to Tasmania which was new for us and it was amazing. We were sold on Tasmania. If we had to describe it in a words, it would be... beautiful. Beautiful scenery, beautiful local grown food, and beautiful wine. We drove up the middle of the state through small picturesque towns to the Bay of Fires. It is called that because of the red lichen on the rocks, which made it look like the natives had set the beach on fire when the "whities" sailed by. We drove down the east coast to Swansea and to the Freycinet National Park for the view of Wineglass bay... which we did not see due to the thick layer of fog covering it. We made a mad dash up the hill in the rain and fog to see the bay before the Timmins had to be at the airport and we didn't even get to see it. On the bright side we did get to stop at the Berry Farm and eat delicious jam, scones and coffee. While driving through the state we stopped at waterfalls,coffee, small cafes, the dairy for cheese, beer, windmills, wine, and coffee (Brittney was craving Latte's).